friends and associates ask you to have a guest post if


friends and associates ask you to have a guest post if you have any useful information.

Also, with the participation of colleagues, in exchange for posting specialized content in the field in which you are skilled, ask them to exchange information about the field they are skilled. It should be noted that link exchange is also one of the free and lucrative ways to attract mutual hits. You can link links to your partner sites or partner sites to get you both the site and the site.

Plan on long Tail keywords

Keyword targeted organic traffic are the things that should be carefully selected in their selection. Normally, we recommend choosing keywords from the central and the shortest so that we can have more results in the results. But this does not mean that the keywords are not being used up! On the contrary, in many cases, these are the high-key keywords that you will get. The best reason to use long keywords is to compete less with them. This means you will be seen with a lot more luck in the high-end keywords and you can get real and real hits through them.

Take the comments section of the site seriously

The comments section of the sites is an important and effective part of converting ordinary users to fixed users. If you have the visitors' air and answer their concerns and questions through the comments section, they will rely on them and give you regular views. Just as opposed to this issue, the disregard for user comments and requests, many of them are discouraged from attending your site and are reluctant to re-visit your site. Meanwhile, the presence in the comments section of other sites is also suggested. By giving positive feedback and supporting colleagues, you will be authentic not only for the owners of these sites, but also for their users

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